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Support Our Troops Milwaukee: Operation Care and Comfort 2024

Support our Troops Milwaukee

Introduction: Support Our Troops Milwaukee

We’ve got some great news to share! Our team at Emergency Dental of Milwaukee has teamed up with Operation Care and Comfort (OCC) to help send care packages to our troops overseas. It’s more than just sending stuff—it’s about showing our service members we’re thinking of them and appreciate what they’re doing for us all.

Who is OCC?

Operation Care and Comfort (OCC) is dedicated to honoring our service members’ dedication. Established in 2003, OCC supports our deployed troops with care packages, event tickets, and financial aid for veterans, reinforcing the vital bond between our soldiers and the nation they courageously protect.

What’s Happening? Support Our Troops Milwaukee

We’ve turned Emergency Dental of Milwaukee into a spot where you can drop off donations for care packages, starting from April 1st until April 19th. These aren’t just any packages—they’re a little piece of home for our service members far away from their families. It’s our way of saying thanks and giving them a boost. Every toothbrush, snack, letter, or book you donate goes into a care package. Think of it as your thank-you note to someone looking out for us.

Our Handmade Packages

When we pack up your donations, it’s not just about the stuff inside. Each package is a way to reach out to a service member and make them feel remembered and cared for. Here’s how these packages can touch the lives of our troops:

  • Creating Connections: Every package is a chance to let a soldier know someone back home is thinking about them.
  • Showing Thanks: We’re sending more than goods; we’re sending our thanks for all they do.
  • Making a Day: Even simple things can bring a smile and improve a day for someone in uniform.
  • Boosting Spirits: Getting something from home can lift spirits and help our troops push through tough days.
  • Essential Comforts: Some items are hard to get overseas. Your donations put these comforts right into their hands.

How You Can Help

Getting involved is easy, and every little bit makes a big difference. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Donate Items: Swing by our office with non-perishable foods, toothpaste, books, or even a letter saying thanks. We’re collecting all sorts of items to send over.
  2. Tell Others: Chat about it with your friends and family. The more people know, the more we can send.
  3. Visit Us for Dental Care: Need a check-up or a toothache looked at? Schedule an appointment and drop off items for the program while you visit our office.

Stay Informed

If you’re wondering what to bring in, check out the official shopping list from Operation Care and Comfort here, or ask us next time you’re in. We can tell you what’s needed most and how you can help. Your support shows our troops they’re not forgotten. Let’s come together and pack a little bit of home for them. It’s our way of saying, “We’ve got your back,” like they’ve got ours.

Conclusion: Support our Troops Milwaukee

Thanks for taking a moment to consider helping out. These small acts make a big difference, not just in the lives of our service members but in our community, too. Let’s make it happen!

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