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Experience complete dental care all in one place, with tailored Emergency Dental solutions for every dental situation. Rediscover the confidence in your smile with us by your side.

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Emergency Dental Savings Plan

No dental insurance? No problem! Our Dental Savings Membership is a great alternative for individuals who do not have dental insurance which allows members to potentially save thousands of dollars during unexpected dental emergency’s along with general dentistry benefits like cleanings, cancer screenings and dental exams. Give us a call today and join our Dental Savings Plan for just $470 a year and receive the feeling of dental security without traditional dental insurance. Give us a call from 9am – 4pm CST to enroll!



To Sign Up For Our Dental Savings Plan, Call Our Toll Free Number:

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Don’t get caught up in the hassle of paying full price for emergency dental visits to maintain your oral health. Alternatively, don’t ignore your oral health just becuase you dont have insurance to cover appointments. Join our membership plan and feel secure that your oral health can be maintained without the stress of paying for an unexpected dental procedure fully out-of-pocket. Along with emergency benefits, the savings plan also includes preventative visits such as gum health screenings and cancer screeings to ensure your oral health is the best it can be which could prevent future emergency appointments. Get the feeling of dental security by signing up for our savings plan and don’t be stuck paying thousands for unexpected and preventative dental appointments.


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