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1469 S. 70th St. West Allis, WI 53214

Hours by Appointment Only

Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm
Sun: 9am-8pm

Is Your Dental Emergency One for the Hospital or ER Dentist? Find Out

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Dental emergencies, like every other terrible surprising life happening, always occurs at the worst time. There’s no good time for tragedy, so when it does surface, the least you can be is informed and prepared. Whether you knocked out a whole row of teeth or have questionable tooth pain, know where you need to go to get the care you need, right away without a hassle, because pain can’t wait. 

Visit the Hospital When…

Hospital visits are necessary for trauma to the head or mouth that need immediate medical attention including severe injuries like:

  • Jaw dislocation
  • Crack or fracture to the jaw
  • Deep tears or gashes to the tissues of the face and mouth
  • Abscess or bacterial infections causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing

If you don’t have anyone to assist you to a hospital, call 911 immediately, a taxi cab, or Uber/Lyft (917-809-5576) service as driving under these conditions are not advised.

Visit the Dentist When…

The following identifiers are considered a dental emergencies and should not be tabled for discussion. Please seek immediate emergency dental assistance if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • A tooth that has been completely knocked out
  • Oral pain due to tooth decay or abscess potentially impacting your ability to breath

Other dental emergencies that are not considered life-threatening, but require immediate care include:

  • Cuts inside the mouth
  • Biting down on a lip or tongue

While seemingly minor, the area damaged or amount of bleeding could be detrimental to your health.

If you’re unsure whether or not your tooth and mouth pain is considered an emergency, don’t wait, contact a dentist immediately before any issues get worse.

Oh no! My Dentist Isn’t Available

Some injuries may occur after business hours or during weekends. In these cases, try leaving a message for your dentist and see if after-hour care is available. If not, locate the nearest emergency dental facility for further assistance on your injury or questionable pain.

Don’t let payments keep you from having a pain-free smile. We have many payment options for all types of patients. Have a tooth pain that can’t wait? At Emergency Dental, we’re here for you.