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Emergency Dental Cost Broken Down

Lately, your teeth may have been feeling extremely sensitive to cold fluids, or maybe you just chipped a tooth; while the pain is searing, you can’t help but ignore the looming cost. There are many factors that will affect the cost of an emergency dental procedure including location, severity, and number of teeth affected. While…

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When A Dental Emergency Strikes: What To Do

There are two reasons you might be questioning your need to visit an emergency dentist. Either you: Visibly have damaged teeth Are experiencing some level of oral pain   Both are great reasons to start evaluating whether you should run for the emergency dentist office or not. Certainly, you’re concerned about two things: what’s wrong…

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Emergency Tooth Extraction: Is It Needed?

Many patients experiencing tooth pain will call for an emergency tooth extraction quote, without checking to see if they need the procedure in the first place. In doing this, patients are eliminating their chances to get properly looked at and treated out of fear of paying a hefty cost of an emergency dental visit. If you’re…